The word “Hawaii” is synonymous with thoughts of bright sandy beaches, sunlight glistening off of the ocean, large waves, surf boards, snorkeling, Hawaii scuba diving, and hula skirts. Whether it is the thrill of catching a wave or the peace of experiencing underwater oceanic beauties, The Hawaiian Islands are full of adventurous activities.


Most vacationers could not imagine a visit to beautiful Hawaii without trying their luck on a surfboard. Surfing lessons are available almost anywhere the sand and waves meet the shore. Formal instruction by appointment is the safest option for a beginner. Practice perfect technique and balance from a professional who wants nothing more than to see you surf into the best vacation of your life. Pricing is reasonable, but plan ahead. Appointments are scheduled in advance and fill quickly. If private or group structured lessons are not exciting enough, there is another option. Why not venture out in search of teachings from a willing local? When the waves cooperate and the surf is up, you will find an abundance of friendly Hawaiian faces willing to share their tips of the trade. Rent a surfboard (or bring your own), wax it up, and prepare to hang ten.

Are the wonders below the ocean more your style? Hawaii is home to an array of beautiful and brightly colored sea life. Snorkeling is a readily available and brilliant way to spend an entire afternoon. You will barely notice the engaging workout while snorkeling in the warm and soothing salt water. If a beachside view of the ocean calls out to you, imagine the magnificence of looking directly into its wonder.

chii restSnorkeling is awesome, but diving is the perfect way to kick the fun up a notch or two. Also readily available, diving is by far the best way to view the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. Sink beneath the surface to join this amazing undersea environment. Keep in mind that snorkeling and diving excursions are available for purchase in most resorts as well as many beachside stores and kiosks. Review your options. There is little difference in options, but prices vary greatly by the location of purchase.

“Relaxing on a Hawaiian beach” notoriously tops the list of America’s dream vacation spots. Although it is admittedly tempting to spend the day on the shore, Hawaiian adventures like surfing, snorkeling, and diving will have you feeling like a native in no time.